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How to use polyurethane waterproof paint?

How to use polyurethane waterproof paint?


How to use polyurethane waterproof paint? 

Polyurethane waterproof paint is a polymer produced by reaction with polyether polyol and isocyanate as the main raw materials, adding appropriate amount of additives, fillers, etc. Polyurethane waterproof paint is composed of modified polyurethane prepolymers and polyol polycondensates. It is a new type of environmental protection, energy saving waterproof material, is a kind of isocyanate as the main raw material of two component waterborne paint.

Compared with the traditional waterproof coating, its advantages are mainly manifested in: one is good environmental protection performance. Due to the large molecular weight of polyether polyols and isocyanate, the structure contains a large number of polar groups, easy to react with water, oxygen, microorganisms and other chemical, so polyether polyols and isocyanate have strong water resistance, microbial resistance, weather resistance and oxidation resistance.

Second, good bonding property. Polyurethane waterproof paint is a two-component waterborne paint with excellent bonding properties and strong adhesion.

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