YMS paint manufacturers started in 2001, specialized in the production of customized  coatings. | YMS Paint the professional Industrial Paint Suppliers, Anti Corrosive Paint Manufacturer.



Based on Chinese market, develop oversea markets,focusing on the following regions:Southeast Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other regions, take the route of globalization.

YMS Paint has exported to 73 countries on 6 continents till now. Develop domestic and international trade at the same time. Let Jianbang Paint trade to the global world!  

Pakistan C520 project

Pakistan purchased our epoxy sealing primer and epoxy self-leveling floor paint and shipped it to Gwadar Port of Pakistan by sea, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

Indonesia CE25 Iron Tower project

In the Iron tower project of Indonesia, the paint thickness of the tower material meets the design requirements of Party A, and the paint is smooth, bubble-free, and the color is uniform. There is no microhole when observed with 5-10 times magnifying glass. And in line with the national industry acceptance standards.

Thai government amusement park project

The Thai government plans to build a new amusement park in the seaside. Five samples were tested and compared. Finally, our product passed the test and we are honored to win the project. Epoxy floor waterproof coating for 50,000 square meters.

South Africa J08 factory floor project

South Africa J08 indusv trial floor, enhance the wear resistance of concrete floor, improve the density of concrete surface, reduce dust, and increase oil resistance, forming a high density, easy to clean, permeable ground, with a certain brightness and stain resistance, customer satisfaction is very high.

Tanzania Huanjiang Bridge Rust Prevention Project

Anti-rust project of Huanjiang Bridge in Tanzania. The length of the bridge is 310 meters and the width is 9 meters. Anti-rust spraying was carried out on the steel of the whole bridge.  Strictly in accordance with national standards, to ensure the safety of huanjiang Bridge

Seychelles Company Marine steel pipe pile project

In A Group's offshore construction projects, steel pipe piles need Marine anticorrosion, so we formulated special coatings according to the construction plan and many aspects. Make sure the coating arrives on time as soon as the steel pipe is ready.

Equatorial Guinea Road project

Dubai company contracting road engineering project in Equatorial Guinea, needs a 20-foot cabinet of road marking paint to meet all the needs of the customer, complete with paint, spraying machine and glass beads. Due to the construction period is coming, we will timely ship to the guests on New Year's Eve.

Canada Dance Academy 3D floor project

Canadian Dance Academy, according to the characteristics of dance, professional formulated, with a certain buffer effect and toughness is very good, friction.  According to the artistic needs of guests,3d ink graphic floor paint is formulated to ensure that dancers will not feel too slippery or sticky when dancing, and their feet will feel comfortable.

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