YMS paint manufacturers started in 2001, specialized in the production of customized  coatings. | YMS Paint the professional Industrial Paint Suppliers, Anti Corrosive Paint Manufacturer.


Oriented by technology, we serve customers worldwide not only our high quality products, but also technical consultation and engineering scenarios.

Our wall paint adopts an upgraded formula, resulting in a paint that is highly effective in reducing pungent odors, promoting fresh and healthy indoor air quality. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is also highly durable, serving as an excellent partner in building a healthy home. Furthermore, our paint possesses exceptional weather resistance, stain resistance, mildew resistance, and alkali resistance, allowing it to provide long-lasting protection to your walls. Additionally, our interior wall paint and exterior wall paint possess a superior hiding power and remarkable adhesive force, as well as remarkable weather resistance, making them an optimal choice for all your wall decoration needs.

Our wall paint, including acrylic exterior paint and architectural paint, is eco-friendly, healthy, and completely odorless, making it a remarkable paint selection for all those seeking an environmentally conscious alternative. With high covering power and exceptional mold resistance, it is truly an ideal choice for both exterior and interior wall decoration. Choose your preferred colors from our standard color chart and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space with ease.

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