YMS paint manufacturers started in 2001, specialized in the production of customized  coatings. | YMS Paint the professional Industrial Paint Suppliers, Anti Corrosive Paint Manufacturer.


Oriented by technology, we serve customers worldwide not only our high quality products, but also technical consultation and engineering scenarios.

YMS Paint serves as an eminent creator of premium-grade floor paint and as an epoxy floor paint purveyor; our epoxy floor paint formulation is intended for areas where elevated levels of aesthetic finesse, as well as resistance to abrasion and lastingness, are sought after.

This product manifests its exquisite appearance, its impermeability to detritus and corrosion, as well as its effortless maintenance. Furthermore, this comprehensive coating system seamlessly adheres to the stolid base, proffering a remarkable capacity for withstanding abrasion and wear; not to mention, it is impervious to compression and impact. Moreover, it is capable of supporting a considerable amount of weight.

Withal, this epoxy floor paint evinces extraordinary durability and hardness; it is a paint which imparts a gamut of benefits, thereby rendering it an excellent choice for an extensive range of applications, from commercial and industrial settings to residential dwellings.

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